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Code: 9138
Real estate type: Villa
Location: Playa de Aro, Sagaro, San Feliu
Price: € 15000000
Building area: 1500 м2
Site area: 50000 м2


This villa has become one of the most striking architectural objects on the Costa Brava in Spain. Villa was designed by  famous Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca.    Tusquets is famous for his conceptual approach both to architecture and  design.  His new creation  could not be conventional  in its concept.  Unusual design of the villa resulted from the idea that it should become part of  the breathtaking landscape of the area. The result is impressive. The shape of the villa is two horizontally shifted triangles.  As a result,  Villa has two facades of two coordinated colors. Having impressive dimentions (1500 square meters), Villa does not look  an enourmous construction. On the contrary, it gives an impression of being  very light and elegant. 

The concept of the villa strikes everybody.  For instance, there is no traditional entrance. Instaed, there is a very artisticlly designed drive –in that leads  to a futuristic space that can be hardly  called a garage. It's a huge  hall with granite floor  and colums, artistic light arangements  and six parking places. The idea is that luxary cars of the owners and their guests should become part of the decor of this area. One of the walls of this hall is actually a three- floors- high cascade. Huge swimming pool window is also part of the inner wall. «Flying»  glass staircase adds to the futuristic image of this part of the Villa. Panoramic lift takes you from this area to the upper floors.

Living areas of the Villa have totally different concept.  General approach can be called minimalistic, but there is huge potential for decoration and design. This area is full of natural light  and air. It has absolutely breathtaking views if the sea and the mountains.  All six suites, study, walk-in wardrobes, home cinema and huge halls are decorated with with laquered wood and tinted glass. The floors of the main hall are made up of very rare Portoro marmor that can be found only in one place at the sea bottom. All bathrooms are also very elegant. They are decorated with Florentine glass that was hand made using old techniques.

During the construction it was decided to leave intact part of the natural rock. It has become part of the  lighted wall of the inner swimming pool in the spa area. Spa is equipped with sauna, hammam and various cascades.  Technology  level of the Villa is  the most advanced.

Lanscape design  by Artur Bossy is in line with avant-garde concept of the villa.  It's a multi-level garden with its water cascade, mini-river and exotic plants and trees.

The team that worked on this project has created an ideal space for real  art lovers. This villa can become and ideal background for art objects and elegant furniture. Besides,  Villa was included in the Hollywood catalogue of the most interersting modern buildings for Hollywood films.